Join = Joy!


       "Ask the Lord for workers ... and they returned with joy..."

(Luke 10:2 &17)


Why Volunteer?

  • Because we have an historical harvest. The world's greatest population (China's 1.3 billion people) is now open to our message.
  • Because today's global economy has created global interest in American leadership practices & principles. This interest gives Lifework Leadership an unprecedented opportunity to introduce the leadership and life Jesus modeled.
  • Because we need talent, time and treasure way beyond our present capacity.
  • Because we have opportunities that are specific, strategic and significant.

What to Volunteer?

We need (with flexible time commitments):
  • Talent
    • Writers for blogs, financial grants & capturing the transforming stories of our alumni
    • Administrative assistance for our volunteer staff 
    • Travel Coordinators for our staff and mission trips volunteers
    • Social Media coalescing & posting content
    • Finanical development strategist
  • Time
    • Hosting a home reception for sharing a volunteer vision
    • Join us on one of our mission trips
    • Host a home reception for Steve French to share his vision                                              
  • Treasure
    • Give monthly or annually to meet our new 250k annual global budget. 
    • Introduce us to foundations, friends and churches who have interest in global leadership. 

For further insight: Contact  BJ Behnken ([email protected]) - Volunteer Coordinator

Who should Volunteer

Lifework alumni and friends who wish to join us and share in the joy of experiencing our mission of transforming leaders around the world! 

When to Volunteer

We need your time, talent and treasure now. The harvest in China particularly is ripe. Lifework alumni and friends who wish to join us and share the joy of transforming leaders around the world! Your tax-deductible financial gifts will enable us to experience the joy! Please review the giving options below. 


"My harvest is great, but my laborers are few ... I am sending you..."

(Luke 10:1,3)


Give for Joy!

Checks may be mailed & made payable to:
Lifework Leadership, Inc.
Memo: GO! Fund
CNL Center, Suite 300
450 S. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
If you wish to invest in our strategic work please contact
Lifework Leadership's President, Steven French

[email protected]
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