Tammie McClafferty

Executive Director, First Coast

After graduating from Cedarville University with a degree in Elementary Education, Tammie taught in Pennsylvania for several years. Once she began to have children, she and her husband Sean embarked on starting their own school, The Sycamore Center, to service the needs of their community. After Tammie earned a Master's Degree in Teaching and expanded their school to four locations, God called her to Jacksonville, Florida to attend Seminary.  She continued to pursue God's calling and earned a Master's degree in Religious Studies, while serving as the Principal of Accotink Academy.  This led to her accepting the position of Director of Southeastern University JAX, where she was also a professor of Religion and Leadership.  She is currently in the final stages of her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Grand Canyon University. Tammie has been married since 1995 and has three amazing kids.

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