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Thursday, July 18, 2013 • Lifework Leadership
What if you could invest all of your money and time to create a technology to help churches reach their communities more effectively - and then just give it away? That's what Jim Morgan did and it's making an true impact.
Lifework Leadership Alumni in Action!

Jim Morgan was living the fast life 12 years ago, charging banks $470 an hour for consulting advice and traveling four days a week, when he dreamed up his worst business idea.

He would develop a software program that would help churches run their food banks and toy drives more efficiently.

He would give away his product for free.

"Who else is going to spend 10 years and spend millions to make this software to give it away?" said Morgan, 47. "It's one of the worst business ideas you could ever think of."

But it also may be his most personally rewarding idea. Twelve years later, his Tampa-based nonprofit, Meet the Need, helps coordinate the volunteer and charitable operations of about 800 churches and nonprofit groups nationwide.

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